ELITE AUTO SALOON started from a Sole Proprietor Company in 1993 and was converted to ELITE AUTO SALOON PTE LTD in 2006.

The founder of the company started the business due to his passion in cars.  To upkeep the beauty of the car to it’s tip top condition requires passion and patience. Our first distinct Car Wash Outlet was at Whitley Esso Petrol Station in 1999.  We developed our very own ELITE Premium Car Wash Shampoo that gives a spa conditioning effect over the car.

Through the experience and exploration gathered over the years, the founder together with the team also developed our ELITE Premium Car Grooming Products that suits the weather in Singapore and when integrated with our trained polishers, it brings out the ultimate shininess of the car. ELITE AUTO SALOON will continue to explore and improve on the products and skills, advanced together with the newest technology in the market.